Version 5.4.3 Yucca

Hello everyone!

With today’s update we want to adjust the bot to some of SF’s recent additions to the game.
The beta version has already included some changes that users could test and for which they could give us feedback.
Many thanks to the testing users at this point!

Most of the changes have also made it into the release version unchanged, including the following that you should read before updating:

  • The event system (Attention, changes to the beta)
  • Skipping quests
  • Hellevator

Event system

We’ve added the new events (the ones you see as little badges in the tavern) as best we can without changing too much of the underlying infrastructure.
So far, we have tried as a transitional solution to match the new events with the old ones and thus keep the former event functionality as equal as possible.
However, this idea turned out to be too unstable/unpredictable for certain functions, so we have now removed this mapping behavior.
With this, we also removed the settings with which you could choose on which events beer should be bought in another amount compared to “normal” days.
We would like to read your feedback on this, especially on how future settings here could/should look. Feel free to discuss this in the forum!

Skipping quests (equal to the beta version)

In preparation for the new feature to skip quests for free during “Piecework Party”, we wanted to give you a useful way to configure how quests are skipped.
Old way: You could only choose to skip quests with mushrooms and/or quick sand glasses
New way: Now you can choose to generally skip quests if it’s free, with the addition of using mushrooms or quick sand glasses if needed.
Note that generally skipping quests for free is automatically enabled if you previously had one of the two skipping options enabled!


The Hellevator has been implemented for beta testing and has not shown any major problems. Nevertheless, we recommend for future Hellevator events to activate the setting for multiple accounts first, if one account had no problems with it.
This is especially useful because SF doesn’t seem to have fully developed the Hellevator yet and therefore may still have problems that the bot can’t compensate for.


  • Under the category “Miscellaneous” fall some changes with which we continue to adjust the bot to the new backend. We can still only compensate for buggy answers to a limited extent, but please continue to report errors that you notice that might be connected with the new backend.
  • We would like to point out at this point that we read all posts and reports in the forum, even if we don’t answer them directly (some would say “or never”). We have extremely limited time (I know, as usual), so we add some things to our internal list that we don’t immediately respond to in the forum as long as there is nothing to report.
    At the same time, it helps us and other users enormously if, before opening a thread, you take a quick look to see if the topic already exists.

Anyhow: Have a nice weekend!

You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!
You can find the changelog on the changelog page!