Version 5.1 Kalmia

Good evening!

We hope you had an as productive and good year as we did and from now on you can download version 5.1, which has been upgraded to release status today!

In the past months you have helped us diligently to test the new and completely improved version 5, we have also added another scoop of nice stuff and hope that the resulting bot version is worthy of a release candidate!

For all users who have used version 4 so far: You will find the most important information in the announcement post for Beta 1, a.o. the fact that we have greatly revised the simulator and you really have to adjust your settings accordingly.

All users who were up to date with Beta 19 will nevertheless find some new features in this version, such as the menu of batch actions for the accounts, the new dungeons, the new guild skills (which can only be increased manually so far), the possibility to finally continue paused accounts and many small things more.
Additionally, the bot now is able to simulate pet fights and their winning chance as well as he is now able to prioritize quests by finding conditions for pets!

Please note that, on new bots, the log level is set to “error” by default – which means, the log only shows errors. To change this behavior, you have to set the logging behavior in the global settings with enabled “advanced settings” (l.l.) in “Logging behavior”.

At the end of this post and at the end of the year we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and get there well and safely!

Your MFBot-Team.
(Story continues..^^)

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!

MFBot 5.0.1b19

Good morning!

Because the christmas update of shakes and fidget turned out to be a little more rebellious as expected, we decided to release a minor bugfix update to handle the issues of the update. Please note that this beta is just to address the problems with the update, not to support new features of the game.

More information about version 5: (The post below)

Changelog 5.0.1b19:

MFBot – two versions for the price of one (4.7.3 / 5.0.0)


Fresh and happy and rested by the summer break, we got down to work again to provide a new update for the bot. This is a bugfix release that primarily addresses the problems of the poor Assasins – namely the wrong skilling and the lack of equipping weapons. This version, we hope, will be the last version of the V4 branch because:

Rising and shining: A new version

Woosh We present, and we are really proud of this, the new shiny version Woosh 5.0! Well, almost: We’re sharing the first beta version with you 😀
Since May 2017, apart from improvements under the hood, we have mainly worked on the surface. We looked at your suggestions and requests and considered how we could make the bot prettier and more expedient. The result is a completely renewed interface, clearer (and even a few new) settings and much more.
This time for example, we also made sure that the surface of the bot is largely mono compatible, even if not all the features of the new UI are fully supported.
Also, we worked once again on the combat simulation, which affects the calculation and equipping of better items, arena opponent selection and a lot more, and greatly improved it, so that the bot should work more effectively now in that regard.
Last but not least: We improved the updater – again. So that should work better from version 5 on.

But see for yourself: Download the new version and go on a discovery tour!
And don’t be shy to report bugs in the forum, if you notice one.

PS: Attention to all V5 interested users:

  • Start the V5 in a new folder and copy your existing Acc.ini there.
    The settings should be taken from the existing Acc.ini, but please check your settings after the first start.
  • The combat simulation has been redesigned. This can have an effect on the automatic skilling, the arena and especially the equipment. You probably have to adjust the minimum improvement for item equipping.
  • The automatic skilling has been redesigned: It not only takes into account the sheer improvement, but also the efficiency in terms of gold when skilling.
  • This version is based on the .NET Framework 4.5, so it might happen that really outdated systems are not supported anymore

PPS: A video tutorial like the last bot will probably not be released. If you want to have something to laugh, look here.

More news

At this point we would like to introduce our newest team member Unknown, who actively supported us in the last weeks of his presence and as part of his entry with us also wrote a web interface in Python (Dash / Plotly) matching the freshly written remote interface, which you can install according to the instructions described here on, for example, a web server and use for the remote administration of your bot.

Have fun!
~ Boeserwolf

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

Changelog 5.0.0:
— too much

Changelog 4.7.3: