Version 5.4.3b1 (beta notice)

Quick update: If you still see something like “The given key was not present in the dictionary”, please try to restart the bot.
At the time of publishing (~12:30 UTC), the bot got the wrong dungeon opponent file from the server, which shouldn’t happen now.

Hi there!
Just a quick heads-up: We just published a beta version with upcoming changes in the bot that we want to let you test first before making them available as release version.
Please read the notes below for using this version (at least the bold parts)!

Going back to the roots, this beta version is currently only available as Windows GUI version since that one is the most important from a testing point of view. (= features + user interface to configure them + a good log window)
Also, keep in mind that we try to minimize the work we have to do for beta versions so we can react to problems and changes a lot quicker than in the standard release cycle.

The most important changes are:

  • Support of hellevator fights (Account Settings->City)
  • Support for the new event system including some adjusted bot-behavior
  • Settings for skipping quests were overhauled and unified

You can find the full changelog in the bots’ internal changelog window.
The version can be downloaded on or via the bots’ update channel Beta.

Notes to consider before using this beta version


First of all: On the new backend, we strongly recommend to first join the hellevator via browser client!
Furthermore, the hellevator is a feature that seems to be a subject to permanent change on the side of SF.
Therefore, we only included basic support, meaning that only joining (at the start), fighting and claiming the final reward when it is available.
We’ve seen, even on the browser client, that joining the hellevator “confuses” the game server sometimes and can lead to buggy responses. In case you’re wondering: We have left this part of the feature in, because we’re confident that the game developers will handle the hellevator bugs as soon as they can.
Furthermore, we still are fishing in the dark with some elements of the hellevator, fighting seems to work fine, however, we can’t guarantee claiming the final rewards will work. If it doesn’t, we try to release an update in time.
Please report any bug you encounter so that we can look at any problems before releasing the release version.

Event system

We have included the new events (the one you see as little badges in the tavern) as good as we can at this time without changing to much of the underlying infrastructure.
Like it already has been done in the release version, the “old” events might additionally be recognized/converted from the new ones so that existing functionality based on events doesn’t break.
Please report anything you think is a mistake regarding that!

Skipping quests

In preparation for the new feature to skip quests for free during “Piecework Party”, we wanted to give you a useful way to configure how quests are skipped.
Old way: You could only choose to skip quests with mushrooms and/or quick sand glasses
New way: Now you can choose to generally skip quests if it’s free, with the addition of using mushrooms or quick sand glasses if needed.
Note that generally skipping quests for free is automatically enabled if you previously had one of the two skipping options enabled!

Thanks for testing!

PS: Oh, and there are a lot of translations out of date now. So if you want to translate the bot into a language you know well, don’t hesitate to write us!