Version 5.4.2(.1) Xanthium

Update 28.07. 8:05 PM: Since version had some problems with deadlocks and crashes in some cases, version is now available to resolve those issues.
We recommend updating as soon as possible.

Hi everyone!

With today’s version 5.4.2 Xanthium we have made a lot of adjustments to get the bot stable on the new backend of the game servers.
These are particularly changes in the bot core as well as a number of other fixes and adjustments on specific functionality.
At this point, we’d like to especially thank the users who helped us identify and fix bugs in the new backend with beta versions (and more “interesting” methods) over the past months.

Important: There will probably still be more changes related to the new backend that we need to adapt the bot to, and even the original browser client for SF is still known to have some issues. So be sure to continue to report any issues you notice with the bot on the new backend.

Even more important: Before reporting bugs, please check whether your bug has already been reported by another user or not!
Especially in the last few days, the same reports over and over have sometimes gotten so much that we could no longer see actual new or not previously known bugs.

But now we leave you to a good start into this week with the new version!

You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!
You can find the changelog on the changelog page!