Version 5.3 Salix

Hello everybody!

Another year has passed – and while some people are still wondering if 2020 really starts a new decade, we’re releasing the new version Salix, which summarizes the changes of the last betas and includes some more changes.

The most relevant changes are probably those that became necessary with the December 1st game update: The new dungeons and the new inventory slots.
We have adapted the bot to both of them, and of course we also thought of the advent calendar, but the feature didn’t make it into the release version in time before the end of the beta.

Apart from that, we made many changes and improvements to existing features, such as the Arena Manager, where you can now create your own upgrade order (but no longer follow a strict strategy to protect the SF servers) or the interesting preview of the selection of dungeon opponents by chance of winning.

As always, you can find these and all other changes on the Changelog page and the matching downloads on the Downloads page.

With the beginning of the new year we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year!

Your MFBot team
(to be continued..^^)

Beta notice 5.2.2b2


Hi there! Just a short notice about the beta channel: We pushed an update onto Version 5.2.2b2, the second beta on the way to release 5.2.2.

You can see the current additions in comparison to the last release on the Changelog page.

The most important ones probably are the additions made for the new game update of December 1st.

Maybe also interesting: A first preview of fighting dungeon opponents via best chances after fight simulation.

MFBot 5.2.1 Rubus

Hello everyone!

Contrary to the normal rhythm between (albeit smaller) function updates, we decided to release another update this week based on the Update from the beginning of the week.

This update should especially improve the functionality of the Arena Manager (and with it the impact on the game worlds) and the performance load on the bot.
Since the Arena Manager sometimes costs the bot a lot of effort, it would be a good idea to check the new settings according to the number of accounts on your bot and adjust them if necessary.

All other changes can be found as usual on the Changelog page.

Have fun and a successful and not too stressful rest of the week!


You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!
You can find the changelog on the changelog page!