Version 5.1.2 Malus

Good evening!

With the new S&F update this weekend necessary adjustments to the bot are also coming, including the new character class, integration of the fights against the Hydra, the re-adjustment of the gold mine and gem mine level.
But we’ve also made some changes under the hood, so I really recommend reading the changelog at the end of this post where all changes are logged.
Since the bot seems to be eagerly awaited: Have fun with the update of the game and the bot and a have a happy weekend.

~ Robin

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

Changelog zeigen

* Added: New character class “Berserker”
* Added: Fights against the Hydra
* Added: If the quest duration is lowered by the 36960-Foot-Enchantment, that will be shown in the account window
* Added: Setting for enabling gem search while account is on long cityguard (> 6 hours)
* Added: Recognition of “New world” event
* Added: Show stopping progress on bot closing (for bots that need a long time closing)
* Changed: Guild messages are now only fetched from the local database if the user enabled it (global settings)
* Changed: If the button for manual update check is pressed, the bot now tells you if no update is available.
* Changed: Current action of an account will be canceled if city guard is started from the batch menu
* Changed: Adjusted maximum level of gold pit and gem mine to 100 according to patch 3.031
* Changed: Gem search and gem mine upgrade can now be done simultaneously if gem mine is >= level 25 (also with patch 3.031)
* Changed: Guild portal is now disconnected from dungeon portal setting “Do only after quests” and instead got its own setting
* Changed: Companions now also get gems if the setting for companion equipping is turned off
* Fixed: Entering Twister Dungeon (on any level)
* Fixed: Discarding messages in the message window
* Fixed: Display of account window if an item is in the inventory but its type is not equipped on the character
* Fixed: Adjusted inventory tooltips to new (>v5.1) item improvement calculation
* Fixed: If the guild portal is done, the setting now gets deactivated
* Fixed: Notifications now can also be turned off in the global settings
* Fixed: Glitching current version in changelog

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Version 5.1.1 Limonium

Good Morning!
Despite the – like always – unplanned time trouble on our end, Version 5.1.1 Limonium is downloadable now.
Please note that the item improvement calculation has been adjusted with Version 5.1 already, so make sure your settings still do what you want them to do. The advantage: With the adjustments, the calculation settings now should work with all character levels the same way.

We wish you a warm remaining sunday!
~ Robin

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

Changelog zeigen

+ New setting for disabling/enabling Hemorridor
~ If gem search is not longer than two hours, do it also while account is on long cityguard
#~ If the city guard has 0 hours to go (because there are only 20-30 minutes left or sth like that), the bot now goes to one hour
# Recognition of underworld as “ready”
# Wrong Limitation on guild Master/Gold Levels
# Edge case resulting in crash during Item selling
# Changed default log level to information
# Bugs in spanish translation causing the bot to not open account details
# Bug in bot-internal restarts (e.g. after language switches)
# Bug where the bot couldn’t skip/delete one guild if it didn’t exist
# Wrong city guard time on fewer than one hour time (not 10 hours, but one hour now, if the “long” guarding time reaches into the hourly time)


Version 5.1 Kalmia

Good evening!

We hope you had an as productive and good year as we did and from now on you can download version 5.1, which has been upgraded to release status today!

In the past months you have helped us diligently to test the new and completely improved version 5, we have also added another scoop of nice stuff and hope that the resulting bot version is worthy of a release candidate!

For all users who have used version 4 so far: You will find the most important information in the announcement post for Beta 1, a.o. the fact that we have greatly revised the simulator and you really have to adjust your settings accordingly.

All users who were up to date with Beta 19 will nevertheless find some new features in this version, such as the menu of batch actions for the accounts, the new dungeons, the new guild skills (which can only be increased manually so far), the possibility to finally continue paused accounts and many small things more.
Additionally, the bot now is able to simulate pet fights and their winning chance as well as he is now able to prioritize quests by finding conditions for pets!

Please note that, on new bots, the log level is set to “error” by default – which means, the log only shows errors. To change this behavior, you have to set the logging behavior in the global settings with enabled “advanced settings” (l.l.) in “Logging behavior”.

At the end of this post and at the end of the year we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and get there well and safely!

Your MFBot-Team.
(Story continues..^^)

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!

Changelog zeigen

Since Beta 19

+ Added simulation of pet fights and the priority to find pets in quests
+ Added Dungeon “Hemorridor” (Light/Shadow)
+ Added spanish translations
+ Added batch menu
+ Added possibility to resume paused accounts
+ Added Filter textbox for filtering displayed log entries
+ added new guild information to guild window and the possibility to manually upgrade own skills

~ changed behavior of manual guild fight attacks: The window now doesn’t close automatically until after a fight was started
~ “You” over character image (character tab of account window) changes to currently active companion if necessary
~ Gold pit now has the correct maximum level

# Fixed hatching eggs and nests
# Lowered memory usage
# Fixed wrong maximum level on osteros
# fixed wrong dungeon round logs
# fixed bug where quests couldn’t be finished manually over city tab of account window
# fixed bug where quests could be canceled even though they were already done (only not finished yet)
# fixed multiple bugs leading to Message (Guild.cs) enumeration being changed while enumerated
# fixed bug in blacksmith dismantling
# fixed bug where saving for eggs really saved for the scrapbook
# fixed bug resulting in linux systems to not use backup files
# fixed maximum scrapbook item amount
# fixed “no more dismantle today” for weapons of mages and scouts
# stability improvements

– removed global settings for bottles because the bot now searches dynamically