MFBot – Version 4.7.1 Galanthus

Good morning!

The last release version has already been out for quite a while, but in the meantime we continued to work on the bot and integrated a few things in the beta versions already which should work now without problems in todays’ release version.
In this version, there are a few changes that maybe require you to recheck their settings as some of their default behaviour has been changed (see changelog for more) – e.g. there is now the option to remove arena opponents from the list of favourites after fights – in general, not only if the fights are won – instead, the “delete on won fight” option is now a subsetting of the new one.
In addition, we optimized the building upgrades and fixed a few bugs that may not have been noticed as such in earlier versions.

From this version on, the linux/console versions will be available again on the basis of the release versions, not the beta ones – and because I don’t want to keep you from using the new version instantly, I only wish you a happy weekend at this point.

~ Robin

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

Changelog 4.7.1:

v4.7.1b1/2 beta notice

31/12/2017 10:00
Due to problems of some users using the updater, the link to the v4.7.1b2 is

29/12/2017 16:00
The linux versions are now compiled with the latest 4.7.1b2 and can be downloaded.

28/12/2017 21:00
Hi there! Short notice about the beta channel, we pushed an update onto Version 4.7.1.b2.
Note that the polish and czech language packs now got an update

27/12/2017 20:30
Hi there! Just another short notice about the beta channel, we pushed an update onto Version 4.7.1b1.
Note that this means that this is the first version on its way to version 4.7.1.
Note also that we’ve adjusted and created language packages for this version, but they also do work for the initial version 4.7.0!

Christmas greetings – 2017 // MFBot – Version 4.7

Good Evening!

Secretly quiet and silent, like the snow which does not exist according to the annual tradition, we have prepared a little update for Christmas, which is not big, but still contains some nice features that you can build on in the future – hence version 4.7 (and not because 4.6 came last Christmas).

So in this version we added the long desired possibility to upgrade/expand buildings of the underworld, just as now heroes can be automatically attracted and fought as often as the expansion of the gate allows that – but so far only proposed heroes.

What we have changed and necessarily requires a look at the settings: The night sleep time has previously set only certain actions in the sleep mode, such as guild battles. We changed this behavior so that the whole bot gets paused during this time, because we think this it is a slightly more obvious behavior of the function.

In addition, we have already packed elements into the new bot version that are going to be used for the generation of character images – why we’ll need this, we will tell you at another time, however, this also brings an increase in file size, so please don’t be scared.

The year is almost over and like every year I would like to conclude by wishing you a Merry Christmas and especially a few quiet holidays, we’ll try to use the days as well.

Your MFBot team.
(To be continued .. ^^)

PS: Please note that the links to the language packs are only available on the Downloads page from now on, that makes the release process easier and less error-prone.

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links on the downloads page!

Changelog 4.7.0: