Version Origanum – Maintenance Release

Good evening!
Today’s release is mainly a maintenance release to address the bugs in the fortress/underworld. Nevertheless, a minor function addition has found its way into the update: The possibility to update the bot during runtime, too – this behavior can be disabled via the global settings as usual, though.

Regards and have a nice weekend!
~ Robin

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

Version 5.1.4 Origanum

Good evening!

Because we currently only have little time to work on the bot, this update contains a couple of (in our opinion :-D) useful changes, but foremost important bug fixes.

Have a nice sunday!
~ Robin

Note: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

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* Added: Class bonus addition for berserker and battle mage shown in character tabs skill tooltips.
* Added: Possibility to choose secondary factor on normal quests
* Added: Setting to enable showing not only user messages, but all messages (e.g. fights) in “unread messages” count
* Changed: Epics now also have a blue background in the shop and equipment window for better recognition (but can be disabled in the global settings)
* Changed: Manual gem search start is now possible, if the account has enough gold, even if the actually available gold (minimum gold setting, saving settings, ..) wouldn’t be enough
* Changed: Guild chat updates are now excluded from the set minimum/maximum waiting time
* Changed: Starting guild fights is now excluded from the set minimum/maximum guild waiting time
* Changed: Guild waiting time now gets reduced if a fight has to be registered for in the time span
* Changed: Now the bot waits between one and two minutes before an building upgrade
* Fixed: Class bonus addition in skills
* Fixed: Bot tried to do hydra fights if they were enabled but the account was not in a guild
* Fixed: Wrong texts in underworld fight settings
* Fixed: Entering of Twister
* Fixed: Dismantling items if the account has no pets yet
* Fixed: Wrong alignment of shards in account window
* Fixed: Bugs in SQLite connection
* Fixed: Bug in building upgrades if the guild hall reached level 20 and “Prefer guild hall” was enabled
* Fixed: Setting of maximum guild upgrade level
* Fixed: Display of epics in the inventory
* Fixed: Console logs are flushed to their files on exit
* Fixed: Guild XML Dumps
* Fixed: Equipping of “shield” slot on assassins
* Fixed: Bug in simulation caching which theoretically could have led to problems
* Fixed: Bug in equipping items on the standard classes
* Fixed: Bug in city guard which could on rare cases make the bot go 10 hours on city guard instead of starting to quest
* Fixed: Wrong alternating row color in Log window on dark design
* Fixed: Wrong number of unread messages
* Fixed: Bug on some private servers


Version Nardus

Update 11.03. 11:35: Due to a heavy bug in the internal processing of the shop items which can lead to a lot of mushrooms being used, we decided to release an immediate hotfix. Note: This bug exists since version 5.1, so all users with a version >= 5.1 are affected!

Good evening!

As always after a bigger update of Shakes and fidget, the last bot version showed some irritating bugs we fixed with the Nardus. At the same time, we built in some users’ feature requests and fixed additional bugs.

Have fun and a good sunday evening!

~ Robin

Note: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

Changelog zeigen

* Added: Setting “Save won fights” for dungeons
* Added: Possibility to upgrade treasure/master of a guild automatically
* Added: Column “Underworld upgrade until”
* Added: Cooldown of Hydra in the account window
* Added: Possibility to manually dismantle items at the blacksmith
* Added: Possibility to use mushrooms for skipping gem search if it doesn’t take longer than a set time
* Added: Gem search actions for batch menu
* Changed: Epics now have a blue background in the inventory for better recognition
* Changed: Event recognition from server-wide to account-wide (fixed the recognition of Epic Events between account with level < 50 and those with level >= 50
* Changed: If gems are equipped on an item, the item image in the bot now reflects the exact gem that’s equipped
* Fixed: Equipping of items for the Berserker class type
* Fixed: Glitching account window if fortress is not active yet
* Fixed: Wrong column order at bot start if the column order was changed manually
* Fixed: Upgrade of buildings above the level of fortress / heart of darkness
* Fixed: Bug in the display of group skills if they were different
* Fixed: Bug in twister log messages
* Fixed: Bug where an already finished guild portal was displayed as manually enterable
* Fixed: Bug where the bot could crash due to an StackOverflowException under heavy load
* Fixed: Bugs in manually starting the gem search
* Fixed: Bug in guild raid timer