Version 5.6 Alano

Hi there!

Contrary to what we expected, version 5.5 is not our last version 5 as announced in the last post, because there was an interesting feature introduction in the S&F world on Wednesday: The SF account as SSO login.

SF account

Since the bot was totally unprepared for something like this, we’ve been working hard the last few days to implement the new SF login.
Characters that you have linked to the SF account ingame (which can’t be reversed currently) can now be added via a new button under “Add account”.
There you can log in, get a character list, select the characters to use in the bot (whether new or existing), and the bot will do the rest for you.
If the bot recognizes existing characters that aren’t linked yet, it will offer to open the import window.

Please note that due to the little time we had, only one SSO account can be added to the bot at this time, although multiple SSO accounts are planned.

Please also note that the implementation is slightly experimental, which means that there may still be bugs here and there that may not have been noticed in the test with a few users.


At this point I would like to mention only two points:

Alina: An Alano

  1. After more than 6 years we ran out of letters in the alphabet again, so now (instead of the planned .NET-6 based new version line 6) a new naming line starts with version 5.6: Names of animal breeds!
    We start with the breed of the last dog in our family: An Alano Español
  2. At this point we dare once again to try to draw a line under the .NET Framework based versions with version line 5.6, in order to upgrade to .NET Core and with it some other things with version 6.
    We will keep you updated on this, as we have been working primarily on this for the last few months, we hope we’re able to give you this version for the first test in the near future.

Have a nice week!

You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!
You can find the changelog on the changelog page!

Warning: New S&F account incompatible!

== EN ==

Quick warning:
The newest S&F update offers to link your ingame account to the new S&F-Account.
This login method is NOT COMPATIBLE with the MFBot at the moment and prevents logging in with your character information!

For anyone that has not linked their account yet: DON’T if you want to continue playing the character on the bot at the moment!
If there are any updates on our side until the next MFBot update, they will be on the forum in the FR thread “Support for S&F Account login”.

== DE ==

Kurze Warnung:
Das neuste S&F-Update bietet an, den neuen S&F-Account zu nutzen.
Diese Login-Methode ist zurzeit NICHT mit dem MFBot kompatibel und verhindert den Login mit den bisherigen Daten!

Wer seinen Account noch nicht verknüpft hat, sollte bis zum nächsten Bot-Update warten, wenn der Bot den Account noch spielen können soll.
Wenn es Updates unsererseits in der Zwischenzeit gibt, werden sie im Forum unter dem FR-Thread “Support for S&F Account login” zu finden sein.

Hotfix: Version Zebrina

Hi there,

just a quick note: We just released a hotfix update for version 5.5 that fixes an issue with spending mushrooms on entering the dungeons a second time in some cases.
We recommend users of v5.5 to update as soon as possible.

As usual, you can find details and further notes for version 5.5 in the original release post.