MFBot – Version Clematis

Word of the day

Guys, the time is running fast – this could be a possible title for this article. Nearly 8 weeks ago we told you we would try a release every 4 weeks.
We tried, really! But wishful thinking and reality do not necessarily go hand in hand.
We used the last weeks to improve our internal tooling and processes.
We changed our version control system from SVN to GIT and introduced Gitlab as ticket tracker to imrove quality, we try to check each ticket with more than just one developer and want to improve our test coverage.
Our goal is to not need a hotfix after each release 😉

We look back

You may already know that we invest time, energy and a bit of ourself in each release of the bot but this one is special for Robin, me and the whole team.
2 years ago we released version 4.1 which moved our MFBot version4 from beta to release.
It took Robin and me 5 months to completely rebuild the bot from scratch. A quote from me at this time says all:
“(16:42:46) boeserwolf: I canot do as much as I want to and robin is busy too. This weekend I worked approximately 10 to 15 hours but during the week I cannot do much”.
Yes, that was the time of hard work but we just went and did it!
The S&F update 2.0 breathing down our necks and with the knowledge the old bot would never ever be ready for this update we worked our asses of.
And in the end, we were faster than Playa! 😀

At this point we want to say thank you – to all users who were there from the beginning of a buggy beta (hey, that rhymes!), to all users who helped us with feature requests, enhancements and bugreports.
Thank you for keeping faithful! 🙂

Enough of the past – let’s look into the future!

Current informations

Beside many bugfixes we also added a bunch of feature requests (see changelog for a full list) but today i want to mention two changes which were requested from within our team:
1. The option “max lines per log” is gone – forever!
After a team member had the bot taking 45minutes to start because the log files were huge – with a capital H – we decided to remove this feature.
Instead, we added the feature “max MB per log” which can be configured in the global settings at the same location as the predecessor.
2. We noticed that the S&F Client uses HTTPS to communicate with the server.
To make it more difficult for Playa to recognise the bot we added an option to use HTTPS too which defaults to enabled (Except for WinXP and linux because they are causing trouble).

This feature should be disabled if you:

  • use WinXP or Linux (not all required encryption methods are supported)
  • play on a P-Server (no HTTPS or no trusted certificate)
  • have problems with the connection which might be caused by HTTPS

I wish you a nice wednesday

For all Mono users: unfortunately, we have a problem with our build environment so the mono executables are bigger than before.
We hope we can provide you with smaller files in the next release.

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links on the downloads page!

Language Packs

English language package: Download (99%)
Czech language package: Download (99%)
Hungarian language package: Download (99%)
Spanish language package: Download (99%)
Polish language package: Download (99%)
Portuguese language package: Download (90%)

For using the language files, just go to global settings and chooste the language.
For updating the language files, delete the old folder with the language shortcut (“de”, “en”, “hu” or “cs”) and open the global settings again (and then choose the language you want)

(You can also unzip the *.zip in the directory of the MFBot as until now, in which you use the bot – so that you have a folder named with the language shortcut in which there are two or more dlls.)



Changelog zeigen

~ change “max lines per log” to “max MB per log”
~ add option to use HTTPS
+ allow disabling gem value for better items check
+ equip items even if improvment is lower than setting => added own setting for buying items
+ add setting to disable Arena while on cityguard duty
+ enable SID synchronization to work with HTTPS communication
+ add setting to attack with more soldiers than required in fortress fights
+ Add option to use one soldier in an expected losing situation
+ recognise server response encoding
+ Implement /reloadini to reload the acc.ini
+ add cityguard now
+ localize tray menu
+ localize jumplists
+ Translate Weight and Source in Log
+ Add possibility to pause the bots work for x min
+ add confirmation dialog if arena attack was started manually while arena CD is still active
+ add global setting to wait after forced logout before login
+ automatically switch from favorites to suggestions in arena
+ add setting to donate gold before each finished cityguard
+ Include twister bosses 509-545 into the xml
+ restore config if broken
+ Change favourite opponent column in main account list to show also remaining opponents
+ Add “cancel all current actions” to jumplist
+ Add option to fight in portal after all quests have been finished
+ Add option to not go into dungeons by random but by simple rotation
+ Notify user if content of InputBox would exceed limit
+ Automatic countdown when asked for update
# fixed cityguard length being 0
# fixed bot not doing a long cityguard
# fixed log output when saving money contaning a negative money value
# arena will not be entered without mirror while on cityguard/quest
# fixed exception when bag is full
# fixed exception when no pet dungeon could be found
# Fixed crash on selecting servers in Hall Of Fame on which no account is logged in
# synchronized login with logout: no crash on logout while logging in
# fixed the bot throwing all gems into the toilet
# fix for better item calculation
# Bot does not equip better items
# fix english question mark text on pet dungeons
# Bot did not show written whisper messages(received messages were shown)
# guild list was incomplete when the window was opened once before all accounts were logged in
# inventory not updated after manually selling an item
# Reference not set to an object while trying to add a log message
# wheel of fortune only used once per day
# Incorrect string format when trying to use a mirror shard
# fix NotLoggedInException
# Prevent automatic scroll-up to selected account
# fix Settings account list
# 10th dungeon and tower don’t open after the first 9 dungeons finished

+ heißt “Feature hinzugefügt”
~ heißt Änderung eines Features/Fensters
# heißt Bugfix
– heißt “Feature entfernt”


MFBot – Version Burdock

UPDATE 06.02. 23:05: Because some users on x86 platforms did have problems, we now provide a corrected version!
ATTENTION! If you ran version before, you _have_ to delete the sqlite3.dll manually if you’ve trouble on starting the bot!

Good evening!

We are proud to present you the new version of MFBot after 4 weeks.
We will try to keep this rhythm so that errors can be fixed more quickly.
Robin has done a lot in this direction: Since he had to spend a lot of time to create the different versions, he did set up a build server to automate most of this.
In addition, beginning with this version, the bot is also available for Linux 32Bit so that users of older systems can benefit of the bot.

This release is primarily a bug fix release – you can see the details below in the changelog.
But I would like to go into 3 error corrections separately:
Many users have noticed that the Bot does not display texts correctly if it contains umlauts or special characters.
For that we can thank Playa, who (again) changed the coding.
We have now adjusted this accordingly and hope that it remains now.
A second, often reported bug, was the wrong display of the level which is fixed now and should’nt cause problems anymore.
The third and biggest point were the mistakes in the cityguard:
Again and again, problems and changes led to other problems.
We must therefore be grateful to Robin, who had mercy on the problem and has re-written the method from scratch and immediately provided appropriate tests.

In addition to a few performance improvements, we also added a few small delicacies:
The bot now has a heart for animals and therefore goes into the pet dungeons to find new pets.
Furthermore, the settings have been improved regarding which pets the Bot should feed: You can now adjust which classes and how many pets are to be fed per day.
A second improvement was given to the items and precious stones!
In addition to the bugfixes in the creation of items and precious stones, the bot can now determine the value for the setting “Gem value for better calculation” by himself.
If you set the value to 0, the bot uses the average value of all found gems since the last mine expansion.

Have a nice remaining day 😉

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links on the downloads page!

Language Packs

English language package: Download (99%)
Czech language package: Download (99%)
Hungarian language package: Download (99%)
Spanish language package: Download (99%)
Polish language package: Download (97%)
Portuguese language package: Download (99%)

For using the language files, just go to global settings and chooste the language.
For updating the language files, delete the old folder with the language shortcut (“de”, “en”, “hu” or “cs”) and open the global settings again (and then choose the language you want)

(You can also unzip the *.zip in the directory of the MFBot as until now, in which you use the bot – so that you have a folder named with the language shortcut in which there are two or more dlls.)


Changelog 4.6.3:

Show english changelog

+ Console:
+> added output fortress building level command
+> updates can now be disabled with /autoupdate off
+> /select works now
+> console language can be changed to something other than german

+ Logs:
+> better logs when equipping gems
+> added LogSource “Equipment”
+> log size can now be configured in general settings

+ Pets:
+> new setting “max number of pets to feed per day”
+> added possibility to ignore classes of pets for feeding

+ bot now saves average gem levels and uses them if gem value for better items check is 0
+ made inventory wider
+ units will be upgraded in a row if resources are sufficient
+ added column for count of favourite enemies in Arena
+ output why money will be saved if saving is enabled

~ COMPLETE rewrite of the cityguard functions (!)
~> changed behaviour of “00:00:00 until 00:00:00” to using own hour setting
~ log form: log weight works with the “eqaul or heavier”-method, example: Is “info” selected, the bot shows Info, Warn and Error.
~ added ressources to fortress fight log message
~ added option for chosing if fortress attacks should only be done if they are worth (regarding resources)
~ save money for enchanting only once instead of saving money seperately for each item
~ if the setting “accounts in different threads” is not checked, the bot will no longer pause if the account is busy.
~ splitted international servers from local ones in the “New account” window
~ put a bit of html layout into the mail notification
~# disable button automatic skilling after klick to prevent multiple executions

# button automatic skilling now works even if bot for the account is not running
# many “minor performance improvements”
# fixed endless item swapping on which the gem value for better item check was ignored for equipped items
# fixed equipment form displaying wrong values with endurance/strength gems
# fixed guild displaying the player twice
# fixed logmessage “Quest x nach Auswahlverfahren” when quest is picked because of better items
# fixed crash in Arena if favorite list is empty
# fixed wrong improvement value when replacing gems
# fixed Bot saving too much gold at enchantment
# equip items with socket only if item is useful for character
# “Choose building” will (again) not be shown if the first building was selected
# fixed mail notifications
# fixed replacing gem on the same item
# fixed gem value for better item calculation setting
# only gather resources if building is not being upgraded
# fixed help links in Help Window showing an empty window
# fixed raid setting being deleted
# fixed mail showing control characters
# fixed exception when Account window is open and treasury was upgraded
# fixed crash if the bot didn’t know a dungeon monster
# Fixed level display on first ten dungeons
# Fixed recognition of available languages
# Fixed custom fortress build order building not selected buildings
# fixed exception when using stop all accounts
# fixed bug where mushroom limit didn’t work on quest skipping
# Tower fights show the companion names again
# fixed wrong order in Fortress custom build order
# show tray notifications only if account has notifications checked
# Do not output successful eqipment change if the change failed
# fixed loop when account is is logged out while running (
# fixed dropping items to cauldron even if witch is not yet available
# fixed wrong level bug
# only save once for each action
# fixed Bot playing after events on monday
# fixed (again) just used utf8-encoding
# fixed possible exceptions if Int32 value is exceeded
# fixed problem that bot only trains one unit at the same time
# fixed toilet issues with gems
# Fixed multiple crash causes

– removed list of useragents. You can still change the user agent manually or by clicking “show UA”
– removed useless “Specialserver” entry at the end of the server list in New Account form

+ means “Added feature”
~ means “Change in feature or window”
# means “Bugfix”
– mean “Delete of feature or window”


MFBot 4.2.2 – Laurin

//Edit 20.04.: 21:15:
Die Versionen 4.2.0/1 hatten noch Bugs bezgl. des Botstarts und des Logins, die wir mit v4.2.2 weitestgehend behoben haben

Changelog 4.2.2 anzeigen

# Gewinnchancenausgabe korrigiert
# Abstürze behoben
# MinWaitTime-Bug gefixt
# Spalten laden ging schief


Beitrag überspringen und direkt zu den Links!

Originalbeitrag vom 19.04.2015 15:50:

Guten Abend!

Es ist vollbracht! Der Bot unterstützt nun auch die neue S&F-Schnittstelle. Die Tatsache, dass das Update selbst noch einige Bugs hat machte es uns nicht unbedingt einfacher…
Wir haben außerdem ein paar kleinere Feature Requests/Bugfixes eingebaut – der Großteil dieser Version besteht aber aus dem S&F 2.0 Update.

Was ändert sich für euch:
Beim ersten Start des neuen Bots wird für jeden Account das Passwort abgefragt. Dies wurde notwendig weil die Übertragung des Passworts geändert wurde. Damit das nicht nochmal passiert wird ab dieser Version das Passwort im Klartext in der Acc.ini gespeichert.

Achtung: Dieser Bot arbeitet nur noch mit Servern mit S&F 2.0 Update!
Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!

Eine weitere Neuerung:
Der Bot hat nun einen Schlafmodus (zu konfigurieren in den globalen Einstellungen). Innerhalb dieser Zeit führt der Bot KEINE automatischen Aktionen aus. Dies sollte unbedingt genutzt werden da seit dem Update in kurzen Intervallen gepollt wird ob Änderungen anstehen.

Und noch kurz eingeworfen: Im Forum werden ab dem 1. Mai alle User “deaktiviert”, die seit 18 Monaten nicht mehr eingeloggt waren, damit die Liste mal wieder etwas Übersicht bekommt 😉
Wer dann seinen Account reaktivieren will, kann das über eine einfache Mail klären.

Changelog 4.2:

Changelog zeigen

+ S&F 2.0 Update Support
+ Bot hat nun einen Schlafmodus

~ Durchschnittswerte werden bei Quests im Stadttab angezeigt
~ Ehrenhalle für Spieler beginnt nun beim aktuellen Char
~ Ehrenhalle für Gilden beginnt nun bei der aktuellen Gilde
~ CSV Gildenexport hat nun auch Rang, Ehre, letzten Login und Spiegel
~ Bessere Items: Es werden nun alle Items mit Verbesserung angezeigt
~ Items im Gepäck zeigen nun an, ob sie besser sind
~ Gildendump für xlsx
~ Abfrage zum Beenden nur wenn nicht über Taskmanager oder Windows shutdown beendet
~ Gildenkämpfe stehen nun als Mail zur Verfügung
~ Flüstern geht nun
~ Dungeonportal ist nun auch in der Dungeonlíste verfügbar
~ Position des Trenners im Hauptformular speichern
~ Server, Name und Gilde anpinnen

# Falsche Gegner-LP-Startanzeige gefixt
# Item-Tooltips übersichtlicher gestaltet
# SkillTool aus auswählbaren Spalten entfernt
# 10. Stufe der ersten neun Dungeons gefixt
# Manueller Reittierkauf gefixt
# Fix für Arena mit Favoriten
# Fehler beim Skillen behoben (Goldgrenze)
# Items wurden fälschlicherweise als “stinkend” markiert
# automatisches skillen korrigiert – berücksichtigte Ausdauer nicht
# Questgold Belohnung berücksichtigte das Silber nicht
# Umlaute im Gildendump korrigiert
# bessere Items: Anzeige war nicht in %
# Logfenster öffnen dauerte sehr lange
# NullReferenceException behoben
# Absturz wenn beim Chat keine Gilde ausgewählt war
# Taverne wurde immer wieder wegen verbleibender ALU betreten
# nur zu Gildenkämpfen melden wenn aktiviert
# Erwähnung zu starker Gegner fehlt im Log
# Smartwerte beim Kopieren nicht übernehmen
# Offenes Log wird bei aktivem Filter nicht mehr aktualisiert (olafson)
# Gildenchat Historie wird wieder gelesen und gespeichert
# Items wurden bei Begleitern nicht aktualisiert

+ heißt “Feature hinzugefügt”
~ heißt Änderung eines Features/Fensters
# heißt Bugfix
– heißt “Feature entfernt”


Bot (Hauptprogramm): Download
Konsole: Download

(Es gibt keine getrennte Version mehr für 32 und 64 Bit Systeme)
Momentan sind ausschließlich die Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch und Tschechisch verfügbar – weitere Sprachen folgen.
Currently there are only the languages German, English and Czech avaliable – more languages will come.

English language package: Download (100%)
Czech language package: Download (98%)
(Unzip the in the directory of the MFBot.)