Christmas greetings – 2017 // MFBot – Version 4.7

Good Evening!

Secretly quiet and silent, like the snow which does not exist according to the annual tradition, we have prepared a little update for Christmas, which is not big, but still contains some nice features that you can build on in the future – hence version 4.7 (and not because 4.6 came last Christmas).

So in this version we added the long desired possibility to upgrade/expand buildings of the underworld, just as now heroes can be automatically attracted and fought as often as the expansion of the gate allows that – but so far only proposed heroes.

What we have changed and necessarily requires a look at the settings: The night sleep time has previously set only certain actions in the sleep mode, such as guild battles. We changed this behavior so that the whole bot gets paused during this time, because we think this it is a slightly more obvious behavior of the function.

In addition, we have already packed elements into the new bot version that are going to be used for the generation of character images – why we’ll need this, we will tell you at another time, however, this also brings an increase in file size, so please don’t be scared.

The year is almost over and like every year I would like to conclude by wishing you a Merry Christmas and especially a few quiet holidays, we’ll try to use the days as well.

Your MFBot team.
(To be continued .. ^^)

PS: Please note that the links to the language packs are only available on the Downloads page from now on, that makes the release process easier and less error-prone.

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links on the downloads page!

Changelog 4.7.0:

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+ added support for Wheel of Fortune 2.0 item
+ added underworld building upgrades
+ added underworld fights
+ console: added command to show/hide certain log levels (see /help for more info)

~ (BREAKING!) Night sleep time now pauses all functions until the end of sleep time is reached
~ console: only show the “account selected” message if an account was actually selected and not just chosen for this one particular action

#~ improved and fixed problems regarding guild donation behavior
# console: fixed typo in console updater message + fixed commands
# fixed “Empty Uri” Exception
# adjusted unread messages behavior, it now can show the message count again
# caught an exception that could occur on jumplist selections

+ means “Feature added”
~ means change of a features/window
# means Bugfix
– means “Feature removed”