Version Wisteria

Hello everyone!

First of all: Happy New Year – albeit with a delay 🙂 .

Today we would like to offer you the latest version, 5.4.1 Wisteria, for download. Below you\’ll find the most important new features and things to be aware of with this version.

Bug fixes

The most important reason why we recommend you to update to the latest version is, as usual, the bug fixes. In particular, a bug that occurred when your system time differed from the time in Shakes & Fidget could cause problems with, for example, registering for guild battles, gathering resources and the dice player.

We have also fixed a problem in the quest priority selection that, when two quests with the same gold or experience were available, would cause the bot to occasionally choose the worse of the two.

We also fixed some graphical bugs (including: improved many number representations and the addition of new images) and again ironed out a whole bunch of non-graphical, minor bugs.

Beta server

Among other things, the bot has been updated in this version to address problems with the new backend at as well as The beta server can now also be easily entered via the account add dialog and still: Both normal errors on the part of SF as well as general incompatibilities can throw the bot off track.
Our request to you:

Test the bot as much as possible on the beta server already now!

This is the only way to make sure that we don\’t have to face a wave of problems with the new backend when it rolls out to the other worlds.

Notifications by mail

Some of you may know that the bot has offered an option to receive logs via email for many years. However, this function was already rudimentary back then and apparently hasn\’t worked at all for a year now. This has been corrected with this update, also the layout has been revised a bit. However, please make sure that your email address is correct if you use the option 😉 .

Download archive

For a few months now there has also been an archive of all bot versions or downloadable files available at that we ever made available. At this point this note should help especially those who are looking for older versions. While this is one way to look for downloads, be aware that it is still the case that the respective version you are looking for can always be found at or


At the end of this post, just a reminder to Linux users that the automatic update is still on our list, but currently does not work. Please download the update manually.

All other changes can be found under the changelog page, the downloads under downloads.
All in all, we can only thank you again for your patience and support during the last year and look forward to continue working on the bot this year!

Stay healthy and see you soon
Your MFBot Team