Version 5.1.4 Origanum

Good evening!

Because we currently only have little time to work on the bot, this update contains a couple of (in our opinion :-D) useful changes, but foremost important bug fixes.

Have a nice sunday!
~ Robin

Note: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

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* Added: Class bonus addition for berserker and battle mage shown in character tabs skill tooltips.
* Added: Possibility to choose secondary factor on normal quests
* Added: Setting to enable showing not only user messages, but all messages (e.g. fights) in “unread messages” count
* Changed: Epics now also have a blue background in the shop and equipment window for better recognition (but can be disabled in the global settings)
* Changed: Manual gem search start is now possible, if the account has enough gold, even if the actually available gold (minimum gold setting, saving settings, ..) wouldn’t be enough
* Changed: Guild chat updates are now excluded from the set minimum/maximum waiting time
* Changed: Starting guild fights is now excluded from the set minimum/maximum guild waiting time
* Changed: Guild waiting time now gets reduced if a fight has to be registered for in the time span
* Changed: Now the bot waits between one and two minutes before an building upgrade
* Fixed: Class bonus addition in skills
* Fixed: Bot tried to do hydra fights if they were enabled but the account was not in a guild
* Fixed: Wrong texts in underworld fight settings
* Fixed: Entering of Twister
* Fixed: Dismantling items if the account has no pets yet
* Fixed: Wrong alignment of shards in account window
* Fixed: Bugs in SQLite connection
* Fixed: Bug in building upgrades if the guild hall reached level 20 and “Prefer guild hall” was enabled
* Fixed: Setting of maximum guild upgrade level
* Fixed: Display of epics in the inventory
* Fixed: Console logs are flushed to their files on exit
* Fixed: Guild XML Dumps
* Fixed: Equipping of “shield” slot on assassins
* Fixed: Bug in simulation caching which theoretically could have led to problems
* Fixed: Bug in equipping items on the standard classes
* Fixed: Bug in city guard which could on rare cases make the bot go 10 hours on city guard instead of starting to quest
* Fixed: Wrong alternating row color in Log window on dark design
* Fixed: Wrong number of unread messages
* Fixed: Bug on some private servers