Version 5.1.2 Malus

Good evening!

With the new S&F update this weekend necessary adjustments to the bot are also coming, including the new character class, integration of the fights against the Hydra, the re-adjustment of the gold mine and gem mine level.
But we’ve also made some changes under the hood, so I really recommend reading the changelog at the end of this post where all changes are logged.
Since the bot seems to be eagerly awaited: Have fun with the update of the game and the bot and a have a happy weekend.

~ Robin

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

Changelog zeigen

* Added: New character class “Berserker”
* Added: Fights against the Hydra
* Added: If the quest duration is lowered by the 36960-Foot-Enchantment, that will be shown in the account window
* Added: Setting for enabling gem search while account is on long cityguard (> 6 hours)
* Added: Recognition of “New world” event
* Added: Show stopping progress on bot closing (for bots that need a long time closing)
* Changed: Guild messages are now only fetched from the local database if the user enabled it (global settings)
* Changed: If the button for manual update check is pressed, the bot now tells you if no update is available.
* Changed: Current action of an account will be canceled if city guard is started from the batch menu
* Changed: Adjusted maximum level of gold pit and gem mine to 100 according to patch 3.031
* Changed: Gem search and gem mine upgrade can now be done simultaneously if gem mine is >= level 25 (also with patch 3.031)
* Changed: Guild portal is now disconnected from dungeon portal setting “Do only after quests” and instead got its own setting
* Changed: Companions now also get gems if the setting for companion equipping is turned off
* Fixed: Entering Twister Dungeon (on any level)
* Fixed: Discarding messages in the message window
* Fixed: Display of account window if an item is in the inventory but its type is not equipped on the character
* Fixed: Adjusted inventory tooltips to new (>v5.1) item improvement calculation
* Fixed: If the guild portal is done, the setting now gets deactivated
* Fixed: Notifications now can also be turned off in the global settings
* Fixed: Glitching current version in changelog

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