MFBot – Version Erodium

Good morning!
Before I begin with the actual post, a few short words:

It’s highly recommended to install today’s version as fast as possible and in best case before your next bot start, through a security leak the help window can be and is used to show phishing, spam and ad pages, even if you didn’t open that window!
More in the following post.

The usual information

One characteristic of this version would be the absence of early-version problems: There have been some beta versions over the last weeks, which were able to fix many errors in advance, a thank you for the beta tester!
If you want to participate in the program for future versions, you can simply switch to the beta channel via the global bot settings.

Another point that is likely to be important to most users at this point is the integration of underworld features.
We haven’t yet build in the buildings in this release, but we are already on it and can probably finish it in the next weeks.
However, what is already done: Recognizing, collecting and using the hearts of darkness and gathering souls and gold – just set it like in the fortress settings and let the bot do the work.

A short note for the console versions: If the updater doesn’t work on its own, you get shown a wget command which has also a little typo (topic of the day, huh?), for downloading the bot correctly the -o option should be a -O which is fixed for the next version.

At this late hour..

Why we release today’s version so early / late and urge everyone immediately to switch to the new version has a good reason!

Over the last days, more and more users have reported that have observed that the bot shows ads, phishing messages and even self-opening windows with such things. This is a not to be underestimated risk, with the help of fast users and a bit of work in advance, we could trace the origin of the leak back to a good two year old error, which should briefly call our homepage to test some functionality in the help window, and that on bot start because the window is preloaded for faster loading – the problem: Due to a typo not our domain was targeted and so the function did not work as it should.
Ironically, that did not stop the help window from doing its job. ^^
About 7 days ago someone registered the domain (you see the “-“? That’s not our domain!) and thus gave the typo a destination and basically turned the bot into a potential advertiser.
Because it does not just have to be advertising, but technically everything can come in through this leak, we ask you to update as soon as possible, as best as possible before a bot restart!

Nevertheless, a nice rest weekend!

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!

You can find the download links on the downloads page!

Language Packs

English language package: Download (99%)
Czech language package: Download (99%)
Hungarian language package: Download (99%)
Spanish language package: Download (99%)
Polish language package: Download (99%)
Portuguese language package: Download (90%)

For using the language files, just go to global settings and chooste the language.
For updating the language files, delete the old folder with the language shortcut (“de”, “en”, “hu” or “cs”) and open the global settings again (and then choose the language you want)

(You can also unzip the *.zip in the directory of the MFBot as until now, in which you use the bot – so that you have a folder named with the language shortcut in which there are two or more dlls.)



Changelog zeigen

+ Gather underworld souls and gold
+ Collect hearts of darkness and activate underworld
+ Save won fights (see ingame mailbox)
+ add beer mount restriction
+ added possibility to search guilds by name or rank (name has higher priority) in FrmChooseGuild
+ implemented label for number of guild members in guild overview status bar

~ osteros dungeon settings are independent from normal dungeon settings now
~ changed calculation of current extended shadow dungeon levels

# bot didn’t enter twister when it was the only selected dungeon in settings
# fix for the ArgumentOutOfRange exception when using custom build order in fortress
# Fixed bug where the bot could try to equip a quick sand glass to a companion
# fixed bug where the guild form could crash in really rare exceptions
# fixed bug where the bot could crash on account logins
# fixed bug where the message window could crash
# fixed bug where the new account window could crash
# fixed bug with „Delete enemy only when won“ option and fixed an undetected bug with switching back from favorized to suggested mode
# corrected message for fightmails in FrmMail because we can’t distinguish between attacks and defences of arena
# fixed raid recognition
# fixed bug where the guild wasn’t selected if you opened the window from a guild button/link

# fixed bug with exchanged messages for guild join and guild leave
# Bot on linux won’t use HTTPs anymore (except you change your Acc.ini to use URL.HTTPS.LINUX=1, but since most systems don’t work with that, don’t do it)
# fixed dungeon bug which occured if only twister dungeon was enabled
# own fortress building order doesn’t get overwritten with one setting while changing multiple account settings anymore
# changed shadow dungeon calculation –> fixed bug in shadow osteros functionality
# fixed compatibility information
# fixed bad timing on bot-lock-file which led to an exception
# added further debug information for a few bugs
# fixed error on strg+e account switch
# fixed bug where the log window didn’t properly adapt to changes of log source/weight
# fortress buildings will also get finished, even if no fortress building option is enabled (for example on gather-only-settings)

+ means “Feature added”
~ means change of a features/window
# means Bugfix
– means “Feature removed”