Quick status update: Summer break

Hi everybody!

Even though we had very little to no time for the bot in the last days and weeks, we would like to inform you about the current state of affairs.
The most important thing first: Yes, we have looked at the latest S&F update. Some content has been added, but the list of changes to existing features is much bigger.
(Fun fact by the way: Since the calendar can now be opened 365 days a year, Playa saved us the fix of a bug that permanently kicked the user out of the session after opening the last day in the old calendar :-D)
Even though we understand that you want us to adapt the bot as soon as possible, we currently have so little time that we were not even able to release a fix to the above mentioned bug, although it actually had a pretty high priority for us.

In that sense: In the forum it was already indirectly hinted at; it’s time for our annual summer break again.
So please note that support for the coming time will be delayed in the forum as well as by mail.

After the summer break we’ll be there for you again, fresh and full of energy!

Many greetings
Your MFBot Team