MFBot – Version 4.7.1 Galanthus

Good morning!

The last release version has already been out for quite a while, but in the meantime we continued to work on the bot and integrated a few things in the beta versions already which should work now without problems in todays’ release version.
In this version, there are a few changes that maybe require you to recheck their settings as some of their default behaviour has been changed (see changelog for more) – e.g. there is now the option to remove arena opponents from the list of favourites after fights – in general, not only if the fights are won – instead, the “delete on won fight” option is now a subsetting of the new one.
In addition, we optimized the building upgrades and fixed a few bugs that may not have been noticed as such in earlier versions.

From this version on, the linux/console versions will be available again on the basis of the release versions, not the beta ones – and because I don’t want to keep you from using the new version instantly, I only wish you a happy weekend at this point.

~ Robin

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links and language packs on the downloads page!

Changelog 4.7.1:

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+ added possibility to choose favorite opponents in the underworld [B]
+ added possibility to fight in dungeon for mushrooms (account window) [B]
+ Console: added possibility to view console command history (via up/down arrow key or /history) and repeat commands with !<commandNumber>
+~ Added an option to delete arena opponents from list after fight in general and made the delete after win option a suboption of this new one
ATTENTION: Breaking change! The new behaviour follows the way that no opponent will be deleted from the favorized list and the list stays the same all the time – check your settings!

~ not existing arena opponents get taken out of the list of favorized opponents [B]
~ implemented new way of beta information: A Version w.x.y.z will now be displayed as w.x.(y+1)bz,
f.e.: becomes 4.7.1b1 so that it’s clear that a 4.7.1b1 is the first beta on the way to version 4.7.1 [B]
~ improved fortress/underworld building dependency checks: Breaking! Not all fortress building were upgraded before just because another building depended on it – this is now different
~ If next fortress building is GemMine and a new gem search would exceed the time of current upgraded building finish time the bot won’t start the gem search to be able to upgrade the GemMine next
~ If fortress building automatically is selected and worker has lower level than fortress it will built first
~ Own account will be checked first for equipping better items now (instead of companions first)
~ If you activate arena and there is currently no arena mode configured in settings the bot will autoselect the radiobutton for suggestion mode
~ Fortress enemies that only have mages and no archers will be skipped because the number of soldiers given by the game is too low
~ The raid button in guild window will show a custom message during grace period like the attack button

# fixed bug where underworld buildings could be upgraded to a level higher than the current heart of darkness building [B]
# fixed bug in message deletion [B]
# fixed a bug which lead to multiple bugs like the guildscreenresponse bug or doubled guild member appearances [B]
# buildings now get upgraded if every building has the same level like the main building (Heart of Darkness/Fortress), too
# added missing values for TFA in underworld timemachine
# Fixed the problem that dungeon opponents are not sorted by level
# fixed problem of not saved underworld options
# fixed random problems on changing guild description
# fixed an issue that prevented declaring a raid via guild window
# fixed a problem where choosing a guild to attack showed a list of guilds on completely different positions than the own one
# Console: Fixed bug on account selection
# adjusted languages and design fixes

[B] at the end of an entry means that this change was already part of the beta program
+ means “Feature added”
~ means change of a features/window
# means Bugfix
– means “Feature removed”