MFBot – Version Clematis

Word of the day

Guys, the time is running fast – this could be a possible title for this article. Nearly 8 weeks ago we told you we would try a release every 4 weeks.
We tried, really! But wishful thinking and reality do not necessarily go hand in hand.
We used the last weeks to improve our internal tooling and processes.
We changed our version control system from SVN to GIT and introduced Gitlab as ticket tracker to imrove quality, we try to check each ticket with more than just one developer and want to improve our test coverage.
Our goal is to not need a hotfix after each release 😉

We look back

You may already know that we invest time, energy and a bit of ourself in each release of the bot but this one is special for Robin, me and the whole team.
2 years ago we released version 4.1 which moved our MFBot version4 from beta to release.
It took Robin and me 5 months to completely rebuild the bot from scratch. A quote from me at this time says all:
“(16:42:46) boeserwolf: I canot do as much as I want to and robin is busy too. This weekend I worked approximately 10 to 15 hours but during the week I cannot do much”.
Yes, that was the time of hard work but we just went and did it!
The S&F update 2.0 breathing down our necks and with the knowledge the old bot would never ever be ready for this update we worked our asses of.
And in the end, we were faster than Playa! 😀

At this point we want to say thank you – to all users who were there from the beginning of a buggy beta (hey, that rhymes!), to all users who helped us with feature requests, enhancements and bugreports.
Thank you for keeping faithful! 🙂

Enough of the past – let’s look into the future!

Current informations

Beside many bugfixes we also added a bunch of feature requests (see changelog for a full list) but today i want to mention two changes which were requested from within our team:
1. The option “max lines per log” is gone – forever!
After a team member had the bot taking 45minutes to start because the log files were huge – with a capital H – we decided to remove this feature.
Instead, we added the feature “max MB per log” which can be configured in the global settings at the same location as the predecessor.
2. We noticed that the S&F Client uses HTTPS to communicate with the server.
To make it more difficult for Playa to recognise the bot we added an option to use HTTPS too which defaults to enabled (Except for WinXP and linux because they are causing trouble).

This feature should be disabled if you:

  • use WinXP or Linux (not all required encryption methods are supported)
  • play on a P-Server (no HTTPS or no trusted certificate)
  • have problems with the connection which might be caused by HTTPS

I wish you a nice wednesday

For all Mono users: unfortunately, we have a problem with our build environment so the mono executables are bigger than before.
We hope we can provide you with smaller files in the next release.

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!
You can find the download links on the downloads page!

Language Packs

English language package: Download (99%)
Czech language package: Download (99%)
Hungarian language package: Download (99%)
Spanish language package: Download (99%)
Polish language package: Download (99%)
Portuguese language package: Download (90%)

For using the language files, just go to global settings and chooste the language.
For updating the language files, delete the old folder with the language shortcut (“de”, “en”, “hu” or “cs”) and open the global settings again (and then choose the language you want)

(You can also unzip the *.zip in the directory of the MFBot as until now, in which you use the bot – so that you have a folder named with the language shortcut in which there are two or more dlls.)



Changelog zeigen

~ change “max lines per log” to “max MB per log”
~ add option to use HTTPS
+ allow disabling gem value for better items check
+ equip items even if improvment is lower than setting => added own setting for buying items
+ add setting to disable Arena while on cityguard duty
+ enable SID synchronization to work with HTTPS communication
+ add setting to attack with more soldiers than required in fortress fights
+ Add option to use one soldier in an expected losing situation
+ recognise server response encoding
+ Implement /reloadini to reload the acc.ini
+ add cityguard now
+ localize tray menu
+ localize jumplists
+ Translate Weight and Source in Log
+ Add possibility to pause the bots work for x min
+ add confirmation dialog if arena attack was started manually while arena CD is still active
+ add global setting to wait after forced logout before login
+ automatically switch from favorites to suggestions in arena
+ add setting to donate gold before each finished cityguard
+ Include twister bosses 509-545 into the xml
+ restore config if broken
+ Change favourite opponent column in main account list to show also remaining opponents
+ Add “cancel all current actions” to jumplist
+ Add option to fight in portal after all quests have been finished
+ Add option to not go into dungeons by random but by simple rotation
+ Notify user if content of InputBox would exceed limit
+ Automatic countdown when asked for update
# fixed cityguard length being 0
# fixed bot not doing a long cityguard
# fixed log output when saving money contaning a negative money value
# arena will not be entered without mirror while on cityguard/quest
# fixed exception when bag is full
# fixed exception when no pet dungeon could be found
# Fixed crash on selecting servers in Hall Of Fame on which no account is logged in
# synchronized login with logout: no crash on logout while logging in
# fixed the bot throwing all gems into the toilet
# fix for better item calculation
# Bot does not equip better items
# fix english question mark text on pet dungeons
# Bot did not show written whisper messages(received messages were shown)
# guild list was incomplete when the window was opened once before all accounts were logged in
# inventory not updated after manually selling an item
# Reference not set to an object while trying to add a log message
# wheel of fortune only used once per day
# Incorrect string format when trying to use a mirror shard
# fix NotLoggedInException
# Prevent automatic scroll-up to selected account
# fix Settings account list
# 10th dungeon and tower don’t open after the first 9 dungeons finished

+ heißt “Feature hinzugefügt”
~ heißt Änderung eines Features/Fensters
# heißt Bugfix
– heißt “Feature entfernt”