MFBot 5.0.1b19

Good morning!

Because the christmas update of shakes and fidget turned out to be a little more rebellious as expected, we decided to release a minor bugfix update to handle the issues of the update. Please note that this beta is just to address the problems with the update, not to support new features of the game.

More information about version 5: (The post below)

Changelog 5.0.1b19:

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#~ reintegrated guild message database
#~ displayed log entries in overall log are now capped at 2000 entries to prevent performance issues
# fixed first tower attack
# fixed recognition of dungeon keys for Hemorridon
# Fixed pet feeding in 12/18 update of SF
# Fixed hatching of pet feeding to adjust to SF update
# fixed “no more dismantle today” for weapons of mages and scouts
# fixed exceptions in guild tasks
# fixed possible NREs while accessing bag
# fixed problems with faulty responses being processed in dungeon/arena opponent fetching

– removed guild donations and guild fortress upgrade