Beta notices

05/11/2017 19:00
Beta update notice version
+ implemented label for number of guild members in guild overview status bar
# fixed error on strg+e account switch
# fixed bug where the log window didn’t properly adapt to changes of log source/weight
# fortress buildings will also get finished, even if no fortress building option is enabled (for example on gather-only-settings)
# several bugfixes for underworld feature

NOTE: If you’ve set the beta update channel but you have enabled the setting for hiding update messages on bot start, it’s not possible for the bot to show you a possible beta update!

04/11/2017 15:10
Hi there! Another short notice about the beta channel, we pushed an update onto Version
Interesting might be that they already include some basic underworld features (collecting hearts of darkness/using them and gather souls/gold), the only other change is the addition of “Save won fights” for dungeons etc.
Note that the “Underworld”-Tab in the account details does NOT contain an “Upgrade building button” yet, it’s not a bug, it’s just not a feature.

22/10/2017 20:30

Hi there! Just a short notice about the beta channel, we just pushed an update onto Version


+ add beer mount restriction (#193)

~ changed calculation of current extended shadow dungeon levels

# Bot on linux won’t use HTTPs anymore (except you change your Acc.ini to use URL.HTTPS.LINUX=1, but since most systems don’t work with that, don’t do it)
# fixed dungeon bug which occured if only twister dungeon was enabled
# own fortress building order doesn’t get overwritten with one setting while changing multiple account settings anymore (#196)
# changed shadow dungeon calculation –> fixed bug in shadow osteros functionality
# fixed compatibility information
# show alpha channel only to those who have actually access to it
# fixed bad timing on bot-lock-file which led to an exception
# added further debug information for a few bugs


10/10/2017 19:20

Hi there! Just a short notice about the beta channel, we just pushed an update onto Version
Note: Those Updates are only available if you select the beta channel in the global settings of the bot and we mostly won’t release betas for console versions.


+ added possibility to search guilds by name or rank (name has higher priority) in FrmChooseGuild (#185)
+ added possibility to search guilds by name or rank (name has higher priority) in FrmChooseGuild (#185)

~ Option to hide Undertrace and Trace logs in FrmLog is now also shown when in release mode with global debug key (#178)
~ osteros dungeon settings are independet from normal dungeon settings now #182

# bot didn’t enter twister when it was the only selected dungeon in settings #181
# fix for the ArgumentOutOfRange exception when using custom build order in fortress (#189)
# Fixed bug where the bot could try to equip a quick sand glass to a companion (bug 161227)
# fixed bug where the guild form could crash in really rare exceptions (bug 161337)
# fixed bug where the bot could crash on account logins (see bug 161358 in bugviewer: on ToArray() in getRandomAccount, Collection was modified -> InvalidOperationException)
# fixed bug where the message window could crash
# fixed bug where the new account window could crash
# alpha channel now only gets shown to those who have actual access to it (#188)
# fixed bug with “Delete enemy only when won” option and fixed an undetected bug with switching back from favorized to suggested mode #186
# corrected message for fightmails in FrmMail because we can’t distinguish between attacks and defences of arena
# fixed raid recognition
# fixed bug where the guild wasn’t selected if you opened the window from a guild button/link
# Try to catch the Player-Notify-Exception and add some more details before sending to us

# fixed bug with exchanged messages for guild join and guild leave (#190)