Questing Gear

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Questing Gear

Beitrag von sanestchoice » Di 14. Jan 2020, 20:59

Hey. I've been a huge fan of the bot as it's saved me countless painful hours of my life. Today I'd like to propose a new feature, where the user can select specific rune enchanted items in their inventory for the bot to use during questing, then switching it back to your combat gear. (Since the arena manager and runes were implemented, players have been gathering different sets of gear for their corresponding questing purpose. For example you could stack up a set consisting of items with only gold-bonus for 50% more gold in the tavern, which is especially useful during gold event, when rather than the maximum amount of 10M gold, you gain 15M on each quest (above lvl ~400 with top conditions). Although the same can't be achieved with XP bonus items, as they only seem to grant 2% experience bonus per item at best which won't add up to much, especially since the recent obvious decrease in XP by the devs.) Thus far I've tried to put on my rune gear in the evening for my overnight questing session, however, I'm not awake to switch back to my combat gear for guild fights once done in the tavern, not to mention the first ten arena wins, which is also huge help from the bot, thus leading me to create this post and make a suggestion. I hope it's not too difficult to pull off or that others support the notion too, unless it's already in development of course. Sorry if this has already been suggested in German.

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Re: Questing Gear

Beitrag von F0restbear » Di 14. Jan 2020, 23:52

Hey there,

thanks for the suggestion.

We are already working on Questing gear, but we will need more time to adjust and test. This is a really big feature which needs several changes in our code, but we are definitely on it! :king:
Viele Grüße / Best regards

F0restbear ()


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