Arena - favorite players doesn't work

Fehler der Release-Versionen
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Arena - favorite players doesn't work

Beitrag von goldenwlf » Di 14. Jan 2020, 09:11

Hi, first of all, thank you for this amazing BOT, I have been using it for a while now and had no problems with it.

Now, I want to complete my scrapbook, so I downloaded your Album Helper (really good feature btw.), and copied like 5-10 player names into MFBot to Favorite players. I put a slash behind each name.

When I login and start the BOT, it always fight the first player and then nothing more. I have to exit the BOT and run it again, then it fights the next player (it always delete the one who I attacked, that works) and stops. I waited for 1 hour but it doesn't work.

Screenshot in the attachement, this is the only settings I have, everything else is disabled. Account log always looks the same, no error or something. Error list is empty as well.

I have the latest BOT version. I have tried it on Windows and Linux as well...

Can you please help me? :) Am I missing something?
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Re: Arena - favorite players doesn't work

Beitrag von F0restbear » Di 14. Jan 2020, 11:54

Hey there,

thanks for your report! As far I as I remember we already had some problems with the arena in the previous versions. We are pretty busy at the moment, but we'll take care of it :king:
Viele Grüße / Best regards

F0restbear ()


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