premium feature

Was auch immer nicht in die anderen Themenbereiche passt.
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premium feature

Beitrag von sanestchoice » Mo 17. Feb 2020, 16:17

This won’t be the most content post but I just wanted to say I’m looking forward to the premium feature you guys once mentioned. With all the development and possibilities we’ve seen so far, some paid functions will probably be even more amazing and useful. No pressure though, take your time with it. I’ll definitely have my wallet ready:)

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Re: premium feature

Beitrag von F0restbear » Mo 17. Feb 2020, 18:20

Hey there,

uhh, which premium feature are you referring to? :D We did indeed talk about it once, but to this very day we still have no plans to go "premium".
Viele Grüße / Best regards

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