Arena decay in rank/honor

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Arena decay in rank/honor

Beitrag von Elmer » Mi 16. Dez 2015, 11:50

I would like to see an option to "waste" honor, take off weapon and attack someone to lose honor, after 10 attacks that give you experience. It could be useful to gain xp from fights with no worries wether you'll actually win.

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Re: Arena decay in rank/honor

Beitrag von F0restbear » Mi 16. Dez 2015, 13:29

not necessary imo
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Re: Arena decay in rank/honor

Beitrag von klaus » Di 5. Jan 2016, 21:29

It was super useful before they changed unarmed fights. Now you can't simply attack people 100 levels below you and give away honor. I have hard time losing to people 30 levels below me due to being a high level gold questing player :lol:


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