MFBot – Version Dodecatheon

Have a good evening!

If you don’t want to read the background of our absence, jump to Current information.

Word of the day

It’s been long since we released the last update.

In the meantime, we have shown now and then that we’re still alive, with status updates, break information and of course the jubilee – thank you very much for the positive comments by the way, we were really glad to read them!
Nevertheless, in the whole time we had the problem that, though the development was not stopped as some might’ve feared, but it wasn’t really fast either.

So we had still incoming feature requests and bug reports, and even some bugfixes and minor new features (spoiler: pet arena), which were basically usable, but the scope of changes never seemed to be big enough in comparison to the time since last update to justify the release of a new version.

Especially in the last few days, we decided to make the following little change: We consider the old bugs as outdated for now to get an overview, because it can be that many bugs have been solved meanwhile, that by the way also affects all automatically submitted crashes etc.
However, everyone is free to dig up an old bug in the forum or to report new errors, even if they’ve already been reported in past versions.
See also the corresponding forum thread which led to this way.

Current information

At the same time, we also introduce a small new feature: Update channels.

So that adventurous users don’t have to wait forever for a new version and we don’t have to make big updates and announcements for minor bugfixes and possibly not long enough tested/unfinished features/versions, we push these things in the future over beta versions which the bot can get over the updater – just choose the update channel “Beta” in the global settings.
Those versions will be also tested, but not as strong as the release ones since they also will be released at shorter intervals; if we think we have a stable, good update, we’ll push it over the release channel and proceed the same way we did before.
While we worked on that, the problem with the updater has also been adressed again and we are (again) sure that the updater is now stable at least on windows.

While working on the update system, we also made it possible again to provide updates and news for bots with a current Windows XP Service Pack 3, but we still see this system as obsolete and don’t offer support for it.
Some packages for linux/mono are still as big as in the last update, we weren’t able to compress them again yet.

So far: Have a good sunday evening! 🙂

Attention: This version requires server with S&F 2.0 update!

You can find the download links on the downloads page!

Language Packs

English language package: Download (99%)
Czech language package: Download (99%)
Hungarian language package: Download (99%)
Spanish language package: Download (99%)
Polish language package: Download (99%)
Portuguese language package: Download (90%)

For using the language files, just go to global settings and chooste the language.
For updating the language files, delete the old folder with the language shortcut (“de”, “en”, “hu” or “cs”) and open the global settings again (and then choose the language you want)

(You can also unzip the *.zip in the directory of the MFBot as until now, in which you use the bot – so that you have a folder named with the language shortcut in which there are two or more dlls.)



Changelog zeigen

+ Implemented update channels which make beta versions possible
+ Implemented pet arena (5 fights/day)
+ (!) Implemented functionality for enabling Osteros and Shadow Osteros seperated from the other dungeons (! Attention: Even if all possible dungeon options were activated before, now you have to enable them again !)
+ Implemented option to only attack fortress opponents if you can win more resources than a defined value in percent
+ Implemented function to only delete arena opponents from the favourites list if the fight was won
+ Implemented function to choose seperately whether eternal life bottles should be used or not

~ Adjusted functionality of own fortress building order: Now, one entry in the list means one expansion step for the building. The entry gets deleted from the list as soon as the bot has started the expansion ~ (!) The wait time now affects all guild related hourly tasks, not only the fight registering

# Fixed mushroom usage through double arena attacks
# Fixed wrong pet names
# Fixed log spam on not chosen dungeons
# Fixed wrong time of “Left guild” messages
# Fixed wrong log message for shadow dungeons (no companion names and wrong opponent life)
# Fixed cityguard problem on day change
# Fixed bug with usage of dungeon keys
# Fixed exception on fighting twister dungeon opponents whose data aren’t in the bot

+ means “Feature added”
~ means change of a feature/window
# means bugfix
– means “Feature removed”